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ANDY BÜNGER multi instrumental show


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Was apparently destined to at be home in the world of music.
Born into a European artists family with long tradition, he had his first stage appearance at the modest age of 5, playing bagpipes and even juggling in his parents’ musical performance show.
During his school years he played in various bands and groups as many other youths too, but went on to study classical and modern percussion, mallet instruments and panpipes in Frankfurt - among others with Stephan Traub (Berkley), a prodigy of Gary Burton, perhaps the world’s best know vibraphone player.
After college he endeavoured to form his own musical projects and soloist performances from which evolved e.g. „Jolly Roger“ - a modern classical and tango project.
His work expanded into various jazz and live movie projects and more recently he has developed whole show and stage concepts for a variety of fellow artists.
Inspired by all the different kinds of music during his world-wide performances and also by the vast range of instruments he has mastered, Andy Buenger’s Shows encompass a fine selection of musical styles and interpretations. These range from classical, jazz and traditional songs to movie themes, evergreens and even subtly adapted versions of pop songs, allowing plenty of room to express all these styles with the appropriate instrument.
Besides his performances with other famous European artists he has, for many years, still found time to give pleasure to many passengers on cruise liners. Additionally, his services are well sought for as an arranger, transcriber, musical director, freelance musician and producer.
Nevertheless, his biggest passion is still performing live on stage and taking his audience on an unforgettable journey through the world of music.